Harbor West


Harbor West is parallel and directly adjacent to Harbor East. Other than being linked by a crossover track it operates as a separate entity. There are five major sites under the Harbor West jurisdiction; The ore transfer facility, grain elevators, Joliet Union Passenger Station, a rail to trucking and storage area and steam engine facility with roundhouse. The ore transfer is located on the upper left and the left center of the map with the grain storage adjacent to it next to the passenger station. Joliet Station is left center but not shown as it was built after drawing of the map. Also, the trucking transfer and steam area are changed a bit from what the map shows.


Ore and Grain Facilities


The ore facility provides automated transfer from the rail cars to the ore ship Aurora. Grain elevators are adjacent on right side.


Ore cars come up the ramp, are rotated 360 degrees to dump and then coast down through a spring switch and up another ramp. They then coast down through the spring switch to the adjacent line of empties.

The ore is transported through the moving feeder to fill each bunker of the ship