Once a month, usually the last Sunday, we have a scripted operating session. Occasionally we will move the session to a different Sunday or omit it in order to fit in with other activities on our calendar. The Tuesday evening before the operating session is when we do the setup -- it is also an informal run night where members can test and certify their equipment -- or just run trains around and around and not be bothered by operational protocol.


We have operating scenarios for two different eras, the steam/diesel transitions era and modern era -- we alternate eras every month or two. Our transitions era sessions operate by Timetable/Train Orders and our modern era sessions are a dispatcher controlled CTC system (RR & Co.). All scenarios use car forwarding and are designed to be about five hours in length. All equipment that is used on scheduled operating sessions must be certified to meet club standards.


The narrow gauge has had some midstream changes made during its reconstruction project and is now nearing completion. It is mostly operational and there are plans for it to take part in some of out operating scenarios.



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