For more information, please download the Welcome Packet and the Membership Application.

Why should I join a model railroad club?

  1. Many model railroaders do not have the space at home to create their own model railroad layout.

  2. Model railroading can be too expensive to build your own layout.

  3. It’s more fun to interact and socialize with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for model railroading.

  4. Benefit from the experience and wisdom of our members who have many years of model railroading experience.

Enjoying model railroading.

The Los Angeles Model Railroad Society welcomes all levels of model railroaders into our organization and strive to get new members involved with running model trains, railroad operations, and working on the club's new layout.

The Society strives to enhance the development and enjoyment of the hobby with events such as how-to clinics, group outings, operating sessions and hosting other model railroad clubs and organizations.

New and existing members are presented with a rare opportunity to participate in building the next generation layout from the ground up. Here is a chance to develop your skills using modern technologies along with tried-and-true techniques.

The Society is recruiting new adult members to join us in this venture. We also offer a Junior Member Program, where a parent and child can participate together in the creation of this new layout.

In addition, the Society is seeking new ways to partner with community organizations, schools, youth groups and senior citizen organizations for the benefit of all.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Los Angeles Model Railroad Society as we enter this exciting new phase in the world of model railroading.

Here’s another link to the Welcome Packet and the Membership Application.